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Blue and white hand woven shawl on loom

Now offering!

Brigadoon Fiber Farm is pleased to now offer custom weaving services. In August 2018 we added a 'new to us' 45" computer assisted AVL loom to our studio. With this fabulous new loom we are able to weave larger, longer pieces in a fraction of the time. Creating custom hand-wovens from our own fiber flock, we have decided to offer our services to other clients and farms. Offering hand-wovens from your own fiber diversifies you offerings and will allow you to reach new clientele with value added to your fiber, or simply have all the handwoven items in your own home. From scarves to blankets and rugs to yardage, we're happy to discuss your needs. All weaving is completed on site, in studio by our resident weaver. Rachel, is an artisan that has been weaving since 2013 She has taught weaving and fiber arts both in studio and at various fiber festivals such as Woolstock East, Knit East 2017/2019 and many more. She is currently completing her level 4 of the Master Weavers Certification through Old's College. You can be sure your hand-wovens are unique and one of a kind. All hand-wovens that leave our studio are ready for the store shelf, or gifting. Washed, pressed and finely finished with skill and affection.

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A Hug for your Neck

What can we say about our scarves. They are awesome and warm. You'll want these on your shop shelves too! 

8-10"x60-70" $60-$70 each
Cowl 8"-10" x 40" round $50 each

Infinity Scarves 8"-10"x100" $80 each

Fringe twisting, knotting, braiding or sewn hem included. 

Minimum 6 pieces of same width. $60 set up fee for fewer than min.


Elevated Style and Comfort

Our shawls are the most comfortable and versatile item in our repertoire. From wrapping up you and a date, draping over a wedding gown, or adding a pop of colour to your favorite outfit. Everyone looks good in a shawl. 

Our most common size, but can be customized - 30"x85" $90 each

Fringe twisting, knotting, braiding or sewn hem included. 

Minimum 6 pieces of same width. $70 set up fee for fewer than min.



A Warm Embrace

Ponchos are so much fun to wear and customer favorites for all our clients. 

Available in 3 styles;

Mobius - 1 point in back with twisted front

Vertical - Similar to a Ruana

Classic 2 point - A point in front and back with top hole for the noggin

Sizes may vary according to the client - $125 per piece 

Fringe twisting, knotting, braiding or sewn hem included. 

Minimum 6 pieces of same width. $70 set up fee for fewer than min.


Perfect Gifting Idea!

Our throws are the perfect gift to offer in your shop, or order for everyone at Christmas. Throws require approx 2lbs of yarn, but your quote will contain all the yardages required for your custom items. 

Baby Blankets - $60 34"x34"
Lap Throws - $70 30"x40"
Large Throws - $125 40"x60"

Fringe twisting, knotting, braiding or sewn hem included. 

Minimum 6 pieces of same width. $100 set up fee for fewer than min.



A Treat for your Feet

A floor is never complete without a delightful rug keeping your toes warm. The perfect way to add colour and textiles to a room. Rugs are a great way to use up 2nds, extra material or coarser fibers. Cotton or Linen warp is preferred and available in studio. Rag rugs are also available subject to my stash. Weaving costs are $12/square foot and includes the warp threads. Warp materials such as rags or rug yarn can be purchased/ Please inquire for price.

Minimum 4 pieces of same width. $100 set up fee for fewer than min.

Custom Ideas are Welcome!

Don't see something here, let us know

We've compiled a list of our customers favorite custom woven items to make it easy to order. However, if you're looking for something specific and don't see it, let us know and we'd be happy to chat about it and help you out. I love creating unique, one of a kind items for you all.



Custom fabric for all your needs

Looking for the perfect fabric for your new design or project? Contact us now for a quote. We're happy to help you design your own fabric from fiber content, weight, finishing effects, and more. The perfect fabric is just around the corner. No matter if you're a designer, toy maker, upholsterer or unique in your own way. We can make your dream fabric happen.

Width must be 45" or less before fulling 

Minimum of 6 yards required. Prices dependent on width, length, complexity of pattern, finishing/fulling needs and more.

Weaving Services: Team Members

How does it work?

Send me your yarn, choose patterns and size, sit back and relax.

Thank you for choosing our weaving services. We are so happy to work for you. Send us a request for a quote and we'll get back to you with all the information needed to continue. 
Minimum Quantities - Each run of items requires minimum quantities of 6 items or more. Fewer than 6 items, we charge a $60 loom set up fee.

Colours - The warp (threads running the length of the itme) for each run is the same for the items within that run. Colours can be changed and played with per individual item in the weft, 
Winding - Ball winding skeins to balls, or balls to skeins for dying- $1/per skein
Dying yarns  -  $10/lb 

Hand Painting Warp - $15-$30 per item in run
Finishing Fringe twisting, knotting, braiding or sewn hem included. 

All additional unused yarns are returned to the client, unless requested otherwise. Items are ready for sale when  returned to the client. Each items edges have been finished to your request, washed, hard pressed and folded. Wrapped in tissue and placed inside plastic bag, then a box for shipping back to you. We do have beautiful vegan leather labels for our handwovens we can add, free, at request.

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