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Dedicated and a Little Crazy

The Dalton family posing at Brigadoon Fiber Farm

Welcome to Brigadoon fiber farms. Nestled in the picturesque River Valley, we are a small family farm that raises quality fiber from our small herd of alpaca and sheep. Raised for superior fiber, we offer a range of products in our farm store including yarns, hand woven apparel, knit apparel, roving and fiber for hand spinning, local produce and other local artisans product. Classes for knitting, weaving, fiber prep and felting are also available. Come out and visit us for a wonderful day in the country. Meet the animals, see the process and sign up for a class. Discover the beauty and eco friendly traits of Alpaca. Go home with your very own piece of our farm - perfect for Christmas shopping or spoiling yourself.

Our Farm was established in 2015. A dream we followed to live rurally. As a military family we understand moving and wanted roots for our growing family. Our farm was originally deeded to the Hoyt Family (whom the area is named after) in 1820 on their immigration from New Jersey. The farm grew and prospered for many years under the Hoyt family and was 5000 acres at it's height. Our home was built in the mid 1860s and added on as they did. The farm was sold out of the family in the mid 2000s to an unknown individual, who unfortunately was not here long before being forclosed on by the bank. Our poor farm sat for 2+ long years. Slowly withering under the weight of the overgrown pastures, delapetated barns and increasingly large leak in the roof of the main house. Through a series of events, we came upon the house and instantly fell in love. We saw the potential and the spirit of the home spoke to us.  

We ended up loosing out in a bidding war to another family who also loved the place. We returned to our home without a farm and desperately disappointed. We couldn't see ourselves living anywhere else. Our situation was slightly desperate as I was 3 months pregnant with our 2nd child and we needed a safe location to live! Thankfully in May 2015, we heard back from our realtor that the other parties conditions were not met and their sale fell through. The farm was ours! Our dreams had come true and although we had an idea, we were in for the work.

Since moving here in 2015, our family has grown by 3 people. Our middle son was born in the Fredericton hospital and our daughter was born here, in the farmhouse. My father moved to be closer to his grandbabies and lives on a connected property.

We dont have plans to ever leave, but do have plans to grow! From adding gardens, barns, pastures and improving our hayfield, we have so many plans. Keep coming back and checking in for new and updates going ons. We're always up to something! 

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