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Stay warm and stylish with our handmade, 100%  wool beanie crafted from a mix of berry colored yarns. This unisex 0-4yr beanie features a classic design with a vegan leather label detail, adding a touch of elegance to your winter wardrobe. The stretchy knit construction allows for a versatile fit.

Made from our own, NB grown heritage wool yarn, this beanie is incredibly warm, and durable. Its design ensures a comfortable fit for small to medium head shapes and sizes, making it the perfect accessory for the chilly months ahead. The yarn in this hat is a mix of hand spun, hand painted, mill spun wool and drop spindle spun. We love these hats and call them our kitchen sink hats! 


Kids Wool Beanie, Berries, 0-4yr

SKU: hb0030
  • To care for your wool and/or alpaca products, please follow carefully. Proper treatments will allow for a long product life.


    To wash: In lukewarm water and 1tsp dawn dishsoap or shampoo, soak entire item for 5min. Gently push item down to move water through fibers. Remove from water and squish rather than wring water from item. Replace dirty water with same temp and NO soap. Repeat soaking and washing. Squeeze again. Discard water.

    Lay item flat on towel and roll, pressing out excess water. Lay flat to dry or block as needed.

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