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Indulge in our 100% alpaca yarn, made from the fleece of our own herd of alpacas. This high end, superior quality yarn is lopi weight and  single ply, making it perfect for a wide range of knit and crochet projects. Please note, our lopi is not considered next to the skin/sensitive safe, compared to our other next to skin soft yarns. 

The above yarn was overdyed with a beautiful royal blue colour. Matched with the natural fawn and silver, how could one see anything other than an Iceberd! I lived in Saint John's Nfld while attending school. Seeing icebergs float through the harbour in April was breathtaking. Share in that wonder with "NFLD Iceberg" yarn. Limited quanitites available.

Our yarn is maritime milled and eco-friendly, ensuring that each skein is produced sustainably and with minimal environmental impact. Our alpacas are raised right on our farm, this yarn is cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for many projects. The natural colour of the alpaca fleece gives this yarn a beautifully earthy and warm tone, perfect for creating timeless and classic pieces. Whether you're making a cozy sweater, a hat or aquishy mitts, this yarn is the perfect choice for your next project. Or, check out our other listings for other yarns in natural and hand dyed colourways! 


Sophia 2022 Lopi

3oz - 100g

120y - 110m

use the correct needle/hook for your project


Note: Our 100% lopi yarn is our secret weapon! This yarn is included in our thrummed mitten kits as the THRUMS. Rather than fight with roving, twisting and pulling to make traditional thrums, simply cut this skien to 4" pieces, fold in half and voila. time saved and a mountain of thrums made! 

NFLD Icebergs 100% Alpaca Lopi Yarn, single ply, fawn

  • After you've created your item, please wash with care for the life of your garment or item.

    Soak in luke warm water with a small amount of shampoo, wool wash or blue dawn dish soap. Gently push on the item to allow the water to travel through the fibers. Do not wring item, but ball and squeeze. Rinse in same temperature water. Ball and squeeze again. Lay flat on a towel and roll, pressing out excess water. Lay on dry towel and block or lay flat to dry. 

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