Brigadoon Fiber Farm

Bringing Fine Alpaca Fibers, Yarns and More, to You!

Visit us or book a tour to meet our herd of amazing fibre producers. We laughingly compare our alpaca to cats - they enjoy folks if they are being fed, but prefer to look from afar. They are not as cuddly as they look like they should be! Our sheep on the other hand are big cuddly floofs and greatly enjoy all visitors. The alpaca are mainly double registered. This means they are registered in both the United States and Canada. Ensuring we could show them at Alpaca competitions in North America if we so choose. Those animals unregistered, are registerable. We tend not to show at this time, although many of our animals are award winning ribbon holders. It is a great expense and with a young family, we decided to focus on our amazing products, rather than the show side of the industry. 

Of course, pictures can only do so much. We highly suggest you come out and meet them all for yourself. Our herd fluctuates from 25-40 depending on births and sales. Occasionally animals may be for sale, if you're interested be sure to contact us. We're delighted to have brought some fabulous alpaca lines into New Brunswick from Manitoba and Ontario in a  range of beautiful natural colors from acclaimed farms including; Rocaro Alpaca Farm, High Plains Alpaca Ranch, Kickin Back Alpaca Ranch, Silent Valley Alpacas and more. 

We shear both sheep and alpaca yearly in the spring and our yarns are produced from this harvest. We shear ourselves in the barn and use gym mats for ultimate comfort and safety for the animals. With a single harvest a year, the spring season can be quite busy. Our new yarn series can be found in the shop after our wonderful mills are completed the spinning - usually in September. 
Our breeding program is designed to produce stellar animals, focusing on fibre quality and temperament. Our success in these areas can be measured in the quality of our products, which we can all agree are stunning.

We do offer breedings to some of our stellar breeding males. Get in touch to learn more or visit our online boutique to support our farm!


Our flock comprises of a fewe breeds of heritage sheep, prized for their fibre length, softness and luster. The herd ranges from 15-25 again dependent on sales and breedings. We offer some lambs in the spring/summer to other fibre or spinners flocks. If you're interested in adding some of our wonderful animals to your own flock, be sure to contact us or arrange a visit. Our main breeding rams are; Maurice - Cotswold, Bob - Boarder Leicester, and Big Patch - Shetland. Our ewes are a mixture of Blue faced Leicester, Shetland, Cotswold, Welsh Mountain and Border Leicester. Our sheep are huge cuddle bugs and are always happy to greet visitors with a rousing BAAAAA.