Brigadoon Fiber Farm

Bringing Fine Alpaca Fibers, Yarns and More, to You!

Take a wonder through some of our wonderful herd of Alpaca. Of course, pictures can only do so much. We highly suggest you come out and meet them all for yourself. Our animals are double registered and bred for high quality, fine fiber. Occasionally animals may be for sale. If you're interested in alpacas please contact us. We're delighted to have brought some fabulous alpaca lines into New Brunswick. Beautiful natural colors from aclaimed farms including; Rocaro, High Plains, Kickin Back, Silent Valley and more. 
Our breeding program is designed to produce stellar animals, focusing on fibre quality and temperament. Our success can be measured in the quality of our products, whic we can agree are stunning.

We do offer breedings to some of our stellar breeding males. Get in touch to learn more.