Brigadoon Fiber Farm

Bringing Fine Alpaca Fibers, Yarns and More, to You!

About Us

From our family to yours

Brigadoon Fiber Farm is a family run fiber farm and store. We have a small double registered herd of huacaya alpaca and heritage fiber sheep. Our product is produced in house or at small local mills. 

This is our families dream farm. Moving from a subdivision in 2015, we found our farm - a 120year old, beautiful diamond in the rough, derelict and abandoned. It remains a works in progress. We were up the challenge. It spoke to us and we answered.... with elbow grease and sweat. We're getting back to basics and providing for our family through our Chickens, Turkeys, goats and more. Providing an environment for our young family to grow in was essential.

Providing for our family and getting back to nature is our aim. We produce much of our food on site and caring for the animals and garden offers us a personal link to the food we consume.

We specialize in Fiber and fiber arts. In our shop you'll be able to find amazing alpaca and woolen yarns, roving, fiber, apparel and more from our very own herd. The animals will be visible in the field and you may be lucky enough to give some apple treats to our fiber producers. We'll also have fresh farm eggs, preserves, cider, goats milk soap, veggies and more when seasonally available.

Come out and visit us for a wonderful day in the country. Meet the animals, see the process and sign up for a class. Discover the beauty and eco friendly traits of Alpaca. Go home with your very own piece of our farm - perfect for Christmas shopping, baby showers, birthday presents or spoiling yourself.

Why Us?

We aim to stay a step above in our breeding program and fiber production. Quality fiber is our goal and the best items made from our herd, made available for you. Come experience the best alpaca fiber can offer.

We're happy to announce the birth of our son, Liam! Born November 30th, 2015. We're all a little tired, please be patient as we'll be busy with our new little farmer!