Brigadoon Fiber Farm

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Fiber Studio 

It's a labor intensive job to transform the mountain of raw fiber we sheer every year to beautiful alpaca, quality goods. It all takes place right here in our studio.

The fleece travels from the shearing area, to the skirting table. It's then skirted and fiber grade is determined. After this it is decided what is kept for use on the farm, shipped to one of the local mini-mills within the maritimes.

The fiber that is kept on site, leaves the skirting table and travels through the fiber tumbler, picker and carder. It is occasionally dyed as well along the way depending on what we're making.

The mini mills in turn retuen our gorgepus fibre, in the shape of skeins of yarn, roving or felt sheets. A small quantity remains here for handspinning and classes. The yarns further change to hand knit items or used in hand weaving heriloom quality products.

When you visit the farm, be sure to ask us what we're working on in the Fiber Studio!

Fireplace with basket of hand spun yarns

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