Brigadoon Fiber Farm

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Classes Offered in Fiber Arts!

Knitting Classes

From basic knitting stitches and choosing yarns in our beginner knitting 101 through to color work and more in our skills knitting project classes you'll be amazed to watch your skills and knitting levels increase! Both your skill set and your wardrobe will benefit.

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Weaving Classes

Weaving - Interested in learning to weave? Create your own scarves, fabric, rugs, throws and more! In these classes, you'll learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom. In a group setting, you'll experience the basics of weaving, warp and weft, identifying appropriate materials, preparing the loom, tools and plan, warping the loom, finishing and more. Lessons also available on a floor loom. Please contact for availability 

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Spinning Classes

Love to knit, want to learn a new craft or take your crafting to the next level? Learn to spin! Classes taught in drop spindle and spinning wheel spinning. From beginner classes to skills art yarn classes are available. Don't wait - learn to express yourself through fiber!

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Fiber Preparation Classes

So, you know how to knit and spin - can't get enough?? Want more control over your fiber? Learn to process!
In this class we'll take a brief overview of fiber processing, the tools available,  washing methods, basic skirting, choosing a hand spinners fleece, dying and more!

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Felting Classes

Our Felting classes offer a product made with each class. Generally approx 2-3 hour classes, you'll arrive, have fun and bring home your wonderful felted item! From toys, figurines and apparel either wet felted or needle felted. Enjoy and have fun!

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Meet the Teacher!

Rachel Dalton is a lifelong fiber artist working in multiple mediums. Following graduation from Algonquin College with an Advanced Diploma in Museum Studies, Rachel worked as Director and Collections Manager in museums and has sold her historical costumes internationally to historical institutions and associations. With an interest in historical reproduction and fiber uses, Rachel focused on historical manufacturing methods and applications. She is a self-taught weaver, spinner, dyer and knitter. Most recently she is completing Lvl 3 (of 5) in the Master Weaver certification. She runs and owns Brigadoon Fiber Farm, an Alpaca farm producing some of the finest alpaca fiber in New Brunswick, where she breeds high quality alpaca and sheep. Rachel is passionate about sharing her craft through teaching workshops and supplying heirloom quality wearable textiles, fiber art kits and supplies through her business on site at Brigadoon Fiber Farm. She strives to provide a product that is ethically sourced, ecofriendly and from “sheep to shawl”. Each item includes the name of the animal who produced the fiber. Rachel has recently been expanding and exploring hand painted yarns, roving and alpaca products which are now being sold in studios and shops across Canada.