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Watchcap, alpaca beanie, hand knit, winterwear


The perfect combination of style, warmth and supporting local!



This gorgeous unisex hat is one of our signature styles. Designed here in studio, the hat is incredibally stretchy to fit many different heads. Similiar to watchcaps used by the Canadian and British Navy, or Canadian Atlantic fishermen, this hat is sure to keep your noggin just as warm. Wear with the brim turned up, or downturned brim with the remaineder in the back. Stylish either way! 



Handknit here on the farm from our own alpaca/mohair yarn, you can be sure this will keep your head and ears warm. The yarn is a natural cream color, the same as it was on the animal that gave us this fibre and oh so soft. You won't want to pass this one up.



We classify this hat as adult, one size. Please refer to the measurements to be assured of a proper and comfortable fit. If this topper doesn't work, check out the remainder of our listings.



This hat would pair lovely with one of our beautiful scarves or thrum mitts if you're looking for something to pair it with.






resting - 17"



Stretched - 30"



Care - Please hand wash in lukewarm water with a small amount of shampoo or dawn dish soap. lay flat to dry, enjoy!



Our yarn is produced from our own animals here on the farm. We love them, feed them and care for them year round. Our animals are shorn once a year in the spring and the fibre is skirted and graded. We then send this fibre to a few maritime mills and wait for our fibre to be transformed into stunning yarns. Once we recieve this back, we hand paint or dye each skein and add it to our stock in the shop or produce more beautiful products. It's certainly a labour of love and we very much appreciate your support of our ethical and eco friendly farm!

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