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On the Go Project Bag, Small, Handwoven Pocket with inside pocket too


One the Go project bags are the perfect solution to crafting on the go!


Simply pop your project into this beautiful bag, slip over your arm and off you go. Great for Festivals, fairs, farmers markets, soccer games, baseballs games, especially fibre festivals. Craft on the go while your sweet yarn hangs out safely in the bag as you wander and knit, chrochet or whatever awesome craft you do. Folks will be amazed at your skill and productivity. Keep those hands busy.


These bags are sized small, measurents are 10" wide, 3" deep and 14" tall (measurements are approximate and may vary from bag to bag). Small bags are perfect for smaller projects like socks, sleeves, baby items, hats, mitts, shawls, whatever! If you're looking for larger bags, please check out our other listings for Medium and Large bags.


What makes these bags special? Other than the awesome ability to grab and go? The hand woven fabric on the outter pockets of course. All hand woven materials made here in the studio and co-ordinated with the fabrics in the bag. The inner pocket (yes, there are 2!!) is made from co-ordinating materials. Bags are made from high quality cotton and linen. Machine washable for if they get a bit dirty.


No matter if you are co-ordinating your outfit or your knitting project, we have a variety of fabrics and colour combinations. So check out our other listings or contact us for a custom combination. Be sure to buy one for every project.


These bags make fabulous giting items too. Every crafter loves and needs more project bags, especially one of a kind ones like these!


Listing includes the purchase of 1, small hand crafted bag. All yarns and needles are props for photos and not included in the purchase price. For all yarns and needles, please view our other listings.

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