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alpaca beanie, adult, eco friendly yarn, hand spun, hand knit, local alpaca


This beautiful beanie has been hand knit from hand painted alpaca yarn in our own pattern! The hat is a lovey natural black from Ember, while the stripes are knit in a natural grey yarn, from ceileigh and Shasta. The pattern makes for an incredibly stretchy hat and fits a small youth head right to a larger adult noggin! This hat is a fun, eco friendly statement piece and is loose on a 7.5 head but would fit more snug on a larger head. Being hand knit, it stretches. To wash this hat, use a gentle soap or our hand made organic wool wash - great for wool, linen and silk. It must be hand washed in luke warm water and left flat to dry. If washed incorrectly, the fibers, texture or the hat itself may be effected.

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