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Cranberry pebbles shawl- merino, mohair. Handwoven. Sh008


Cranberry Pebbles is the name of this stunning textile. Handwoven with ethically sourced cranberry merino and natural mohair/alpaca in cream, this shawl is elegant and cozy.





If you've never worn a hand woven textile, we suggest you do. We pride ourselves in producing fine textiles made to be worn and loved for years.





A great shawl to pair with everything. Measures approx 17" x 70" + 5" fringes on either side.





This shawl is handwoven from hand chosen yarns. There is very light weight to this stunning shawl, but you can feel the warmth when it's elegantly drapped over your neck and shoulders. Perfect for wearing at work or a night on the town.



As always, our shawls are all one of a kind. Don't miss out if you love it! S008





Our herd of sheep and alpaca are all beloved pets. Their fibre is harvested ethically each spring by us. Their heath requires them to have a haircut or they can quickly overheat, or retain unresolved skin issues. Our fibre is all ethically sourced and from very happy animals.

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