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Felted Dryer ball, set of 6, 100% alpaca



Try dryer balls once and you'll never turn back! These have been made from 100% alpaca fiber.

This set includes 6 alpaca dryer balls, 1 large cotton carrying case and instructions.



These balls are solid fiber all the way through. The fiber on the outside is the same as the fiber on the inside. The dryer balls come in many natural colors and eco friendly dyed colors. The ones that are shipped to you may differ from those seen in the photo. If you would like a specific color please indicate this in your comments at checkout.



Please see our other lostings to purchase individual balls or a small set of 3.




Our dryer balls have been wet felted and are chemical free - they are the perfect replacement for chemical filled dryer sheets (and even plastic dryer balls). All which emit unwanted chemicals onto your clothes and clog up your dryer vent.



Commercial dryer sheets are particularly hard on towels and lethal for cloth diapers; depositing chemicals which render these items less absorbent over time. Not to mention the chemicals that are deposited and absorbed by our skin! Our dryer balls help keep towels/diapers super soft, fluffy, and functionally absorbent. Truly the perfect partner for you and your wash!



They are also eco friendly as a set of dryer balls lasts for years, rather than single use sheets. There are no chemicals used to create these balls and once you do dispose of them (if ever) they will turn into compost and regenerate the soil.





Do your laundry as usual. Simply toss the dryer balls in the dryer with your clothes - that's it - they do the rest! Dryer balls help lift the clothes as they tumble which enhances air circulation and dries your clothes faster - saving you time and money. They also absorb some of the moisture and release it back into the air effectively steaming your clothing and preventing stubborn winkles and creases. They also make a great statement piece in a wicker basket on your dryer!



Our dryer balls are also the perfect gift or weddings or baby showers.



These dryer balls are approximately the size of a tennis ball and weigh 1.5oz each. I recommend 4 dryer balls for small/medium loads. 6+ for large loads. The more dryer balls you use, the faster the dryer time.


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