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Fingerless mitts, texting mitts, Hand knit, Alpaca FM014


These beautiful gloves have been hand knit from the softest Alpaca in a gorgeous natural brown. Latise is the name of the animal that the fibre comes from. The yarn has been left in it's natural color to showcase the beaty of the animal.


On the top of the gloves, a beautiful lattice pattern is knit into the glove, bordered by ribbing at top and bottom. These gloves are perfect for fasion wear, texting, driving or just adding a pop to your winter wardrobe. Both warm and practical, these are the perfect gift for your self or others.


These gloves are considered a medium (I wear a size 6 ladies glove) but will stretch if required.


There is only 1 pair in this size and color available


Our herd of sheep and alpaca are all beloved pets. Their fibre is harvested ethically each spring by us. Their heath requires them to have a haircut or they can quickly overheat, or retain unresolved skin issues. Our fibre is all ethically sourced and from very happy animals.


To wash: Hand wash in warm water using a gentle detergent or our home made wool wash. Rinse. Roll in clean towel to remove excess water and lay flat to air dry.


To keep up with our farm going ons, check us out at www.facebook.com/brigadoonfiberfarm


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