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Zebra stripes cowl, merino, hand woven cowl S015


Zebra stripes cowl - 100% merino, handwoven




This scarf is true luxury. Hand woven merino, tencel and vintage boucle.



It's been hand woven here in our studio using one of our hand opperated looms. Absolutely one of a kind. No-one will have one just like it. All the yarns are vintage and sourced from reclaimed materials



Approx 14" wide x 40" around, long enough to hang on your neck and snuggle into! So soft and warm.




To wash: Hand wash in warm water using a gentle detergent or our home made wool wash. Rinse. Roll in clean towel to remove excess water and lay flat to air dry.




If you'd like to purchase items made from our own herd, check us out at www.brigadoonfiberfarm.com or www.facebook.com/brigadoonfiberfarm

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