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Plush Horse, Hand knit, Hand spun yarn, 100% wool, wool stuffing, waldorf doll, eco friendly


This beautiful pony stands 9.5" tall from hoof to head and 11.25" long


It's made entirely from raw materials which I've hand processed. All yarns used on this pony have been hand spun and dyed in my studio. The stuffing is 100% wool.


The yarn used on the body of this pretty pony is a mix of merino, mohair and Navajo. Very soft and very cuddly! The eyes have been needle felted from wool and no risk of falling off.


Being hand made from quality, natural materials, it will last for many years. Perfect for any age.


He/She is waiting for the perfect home and perfect best friend. Great at keeping secrets and playing children's games, it's just waiting to find it's forever home!


TO WASH: Hand wash in warm water using a gentle detergent or our home made wool wash. Do not wring out or wash in a machine. Plump and allow to air dry.

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