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Knit scarf, hand knit, Hand spun lambs wool, fasion scarf, white wool scarf, Hand spun yarn


This beautiful scarf has been hand knit in a beautiful lace pattern with hand spun white organic wool on my heritage spinning wheel. Being organic and natural 100% wool this scarf is a natural white color rather than stark white, it has a luxurious antique feel.


This scarf would fit with a classic look, a hipster strut or your personal unique self. Soft and luxurious it measures 56.25" long and 13.5" wide in the middle tapering to 3.5" at each end.


There is a small spot on this scarf. It's not been stained. This spot is a small portion of colored wool that was included in the hand spun yarn. It came off the sheep that way.


This is a one of a kind scarf, if you love it dont wait.


To wash this scarf, use a gentle soap or our hand made organic wool wash - great for wool, linen and silk. It must be hand washed in luke warm water and left flat to dry. If washed incorrectly, the fibers, texture or the scarf itself may be effected.

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