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Child hat, hand knit, scrap hat. Alpaca, wool


This beautiful little hat has been hand knit with alpaca and wool yarn from my own herd and hand spun in my studio or at a small, local mill. The perfect thing to keep a kiddos warm in the chilly fall or winter. Alpaca and wool are the best choice for children as natural fibers are made without the use of chemicals, they are insulating and breathable. All dyes are eco friendly and heavy metal free.


The hat is knit in a variety of colors, whatever happened to be left over from various other projects


This hat will fit approximately 24mo-3y


To wash: Hand wash in warm water using a gentle detergent or our home made wool wash. Rinse. Roll in clean towel to remove excess water and lay flat to air dry.


To keep up with our farm going ons, check us out at www.brigadoonfiberfarm.com or www.facebook.com/brigadoonfiberfarm

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