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Alpaca Thrum Mittens Knitting Pattern


Our thrum mittens are a great hit here on the farm. The alpaca thrumming makes for the coziest spot for your hand protecting it from the cold! 


This listing is for a digital copy of the pattern only. A copy will be emailed to you within 24h of purchase.

We recomend our "Straight off the Farm" wool yarns or any other 100% wool yarns in worsted weight. Thrumming is recomended and our 100% Alpaca thrumming is perfect for the patter, or our wool or alpaca roving for those more traditional knitters. 

Perfect to knit one or two at a time, these are the perfect winter mittens. 


If you would like already knit mittens or our alpaca thrum mitten kits, check out our other listings!

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