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Thrum Mittens, Army Green, hand knit, natural, eco friendly, wool and Alpaca Yarn


The perfect thing to keep your fingers warm on those nippy winter days that you catch snowflakes on your tongue, smell the crisp air, pick the perfect tree from the woods and go for a winter slay ride.


These beautiful mittens have been hand knit using Alpaca fiber grown right here on our farm and spun at a local mill. Hand dyed wool in this wonderful army green, paired with natural brown Alpaca thrumming. Perfect for the military member or hunter in your life.


Thrumming adds an extra layer to the mittens cushioning your hand and trapping warm air between your hand and the chilly out doors.


1x Adult Medium to Large


To wash: Hand wash in warm water using a gentle detergent or our home made wool wash. Rinse. Roll in clean towel to remove excess water and lay flat to air dry.


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